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6 Free Ways To Lose Weight

Most people willingly admit that they would like to lose weight. Some desire dramatic weight loss, while others may only want to shed a few extra pounds. Since every person is different and have their own personal goals, different weight loss methods are available. The following 6 methods of weight loss are the most effective ways to drop unwanted pounds.

1. High Protein Diets.
High protein diets have been found to be the most effective form of weight loss for people that have a considerable amount of weight to lose. This method of dieting consists of eliminating high carbohydrate foods from your diet, and replacing them with foods that are more conducive to fat burning. Fat metabolizes easier when you consume protein because your body seeks out the fat already stored in your body for energy to process the protein. Protein is also very good for your muscles, helping to keep them lean.

2. Meal Replacement Shakes.
Many people opt for meal replacement shakes as a way to drop weight quickly. These shakes, which often taste like cake batter, are high in protein and low in calories and fat. To successfully complete this type of diet, however, you must have a lot of will power. His type of diet calls for two meals a day to be replaced with a single shake, followed by a reduced calorie meal in the evening.

3. Vegetarian or Raw Food Diet.
Many people have success in dieting by converting over to a vegetarian diet or raw foods diet. This consists of only eating foods that were grown. Some vegetarians will allow milk products, bust most skip this because of the high fat content found in dairy. Raw food diets takes vegetarianism one step further, by eating only fresh, non-cooked fruits and vegetables.

4. Vitamins and Supplements.
There are many products available that claim they can induce weight loss by taking their supplement. Some people are very successful with these products, while others are not so lucky. People that may suffer from a nutritional imbalance are most likely to be the most successful with supplements. When their bodies become balanced, the weight drops off.

5. No Soda Diet.
One of the easiest ways to drop some unwanted weight is to eliminate soda from your diet. This also includes diet soda. Sugar filled drinks account for hundreds of extra, non-nutritional calories each day. On average, a person can drop 20 pounds over a year just by diving up soda. Diet sodas are also bad for your system. The artificial sweetener in these sodas confuses your body, causing it to store fat when the artificial sweetener registers as a sugar.

6. The Half Meal Diet.
Many people find that eating specific types of foods, drinking replacement shakes, or following any type of restricted diet is just not to their liking. However, they still want to lose weight. This can be accomplished by following the half meal plan. Every time that you eat, only eat half as much as you would. Save the rest for your next meal, dish up only half the amount that you want at the buffet, cook less for yourself at meal time. This way you can reduce your caloric intake without adding or deleting any types of foods from your meals.

In addition to these types of dieting plans, it is always essential to add some exercise. Add Exercise. The population has become less active, and in becoming this way, has watched their waistlines expand. Adding exercise to your daily routine may be all that you need to drop those unwanted pounds. Exercise can be as vigorous as a work out at the gym, or as easy as an evening stroll.

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